Family business both local & international

Family business, Hyprom was born in 1983, in the Canton of Vaud. Local, with its 3 branch offices in Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich, today it covers the whole of Switzerland.  International, Hyprom is also present throughout Europe thanks to its strong reseller network.

You must certainly ask yourself what makes Hyprom so different from others? We could summarise it in one single word: passion!  The passion of its founder and the second generation who have a healthy obsession to want to expand the business they know, and for some, have known for a long time.  The passion felt by not only the employees, but also the main suppliers, who have been present since the beginning and we hope, for many years to come.

Behind this simple word, there are our most important values: 


  • Flexibility: through its size and structure, Hyprom adapts to its clients, not the opposite. With an extremely flat hierarchy, from your contact to management, no question ever goes unanswered for long.


  • The notion of service: apart from our products already well-known for their reliability and their excellent quality, there is the quality of service seen by Hyprom.  We have a technical support team, ultra qualified, available and stable.  In this way, we are able to learn about your premises, your way of working and even your tastes.  Depending on the installations that you have chosen, your dedicated team will come and visit every 28 or 56 days to check and service the installations, refill where necessary and deliver the consumables.


  • Consistency: we’re not interested in bombarding you with a 300-page long catalogue but rather in handpicking a selection of the best products on the market for you. Just what you need, nothing else. This consistency also means not selling any products that contradict our core business, which is hygiene. That’s why at Hyprom you’ll never find textile rolls or new generation jet air dryers…just paper (the only drying method recommended by the WHO).


  • Loyalty: this is one of our most important values… if you hadn’t guessed it already. Whether it comes to our clients, our employees or our suppliers, we are convinced that lasting relationships are the most meaningful ones, built on confidence and over time. It’s thanks to the long-term nature of our professional relationships that we can guarantee you the highest levels of reliability, flexibility and quality.


  • Responsibility: towards our planet and its inhabitants. It is easy to claim to be eco-friendly and responsible to push a marcom strategy.  But where is the action and evidence?  At Hyprom we have made the choice to be transparent and objective. In our industry, it is impossible to be 100% green but we can perfectly limit the impact of our production. This is the reason why we have created our own ecological guideline: E3.  In other words, the sum of 3 factors that are most important to us, and to you: Efficiency + Economy + Ecology. Our innovation? Adding these 3 words together. Transforming them into something greater then the sum of their parts. More than an empty marketing slogan, this is our duty, our commitment, our choice and our stake in the future.  Which is why today, these 3 words together guide every one of our systems. At Hyprom, we wouldn't dream of offering you reliable dispensers at inflated prices, economic but not ecologic, efficient but costly to health and the environment. At Hyprom, we offer you the sum of all 3. Simply.