Family business both local & international

Family-owned and Swiss by nature, Hyprom also benefits from a strong presence and reputation in the rest of Europe. This enables us to offer you high-quality systems at extremely competitive prices.

In Switzerland, Hyprom has been a service company for over 40 years, recognised and appreciated for its rigour, its sense of service and its consistent, reliable product range. As a service company, we have a clear vision of the needs, expectations and improvements required to provide a smooth, efficient service. We share this invaluable experience with our longstanding manufacturing partner, and adapt our systems accordingly. As a result, they are recognised and appreciated by our foreign resellers for their functionality, ingenious features, durability and, above all, ease of use. This success and experience has also enabled us to be a pioneer in a number of areas, to create and co-develop innovative systems such as BLO2 , PullNdry and CleanYourSeat No Touch, and to be extremely competitive on the Swiss market. 

And of course, alongside all this, there are the values we hold dear:  


  • Flexibility: because of its size and structure, Hyprom adapts to its customers, not the other way round. Moreover, as the decision-making circle is extremely short, from your sales consultant to management, your questions are never left unanswered for very long. 


  • Transparency: we see our customers as partners because we like long-term relationships based on trust. That's why, for example, when the raw materials market rocketed, we did everything we could to limit the damage and not take advantage of the situation to pass on massive price rises. This approach is much appreciated by our customers. 

  • Our vision of service: in addition to our products, which are renowned for their reliability and excellent quality, there is Hyprom's service. A highly skilled, available and stable technical team. So we get to know your premises, your processes and even your tastes. Depending on the equipment you choose, your dedicated team will visit you at the chosen frequency to check the equipment, refill what needs to be refilled and supply you with consumables. 

  • Consistency: the important thing for us is not to offer you a 300-page product catalogue, but rather to select, for you, the best that the market has to offer.No frills, just the right amount of choice. Consistency also means not selling products that are in direct contradiction with our business: hygiene.That's why at Hyprom you'll never find, for example, cottom roll dispenser or fancy jet air dryers, but paper (the only drying method recommended by the WHO). 

  • Customisation: our presence on the international market and our network enable us to source, for our customers, at the best price, products that we don't have in our catalogue.  

  • Loyalty: as you may have already realised, loyalty is an extremely important value for us. Whether it's with our customers, our employees or our suppliers, we are convinced that there can only be a quality relationship if it is long-lasting, built on trust and over time.It is thanks to these long-term relationships that we can guarantee you a high level of reliability, flexibility and quality, even in times of crisis. 

  • Responsibility: towards the planet and its people. It's easy to proclaim oneself eco-responsible for marketing and advertising purposes. But what about actions? At Hyprom, ecology is at the heart of all our choices, and we give priority to ecolabels and energy-efficient systems.