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Foam'n Wash Mini

Foam dispenser 400ml

Foam'n Wash

Foam dispenser 1000ml

Sense'n Foam Mini

"No-Touch" foam dispenser - soap and instant sanitizing foam

Sense'n Foam

"No-Touch" foam dispenser


"No-Touch" dispenser for bactericidal soap or gel

Disinfection stand

Hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser on a mobile stand

Contract'o Box

Liquid soap & cream dispenser 1000ml

SlimLine 400

Liquid soap dispenser 400ml

EcoDis 500 & 1200

Liquid soap dispenser with refillable cartrige 500 & 1200 ml


To get the dirtiest hands clean in an industrial environment

Pull'n Dry

Hand towel rolls "Autocut" dispenser

Pull'n Dry Mini

Hand towel rolls "Autocut" compact dispenser

Tear'n Dry

"No-Touch" paper roll dispenser

Tear'n Dry Mini

"No-Touch" paper roll dispenser

Pull'n Roll

Innovative paper roll dispenser with retractable mechanism


Interfold hand towel paper dispenser


Interfold hand towel paper dispenser


Interfold hand towel paper small dispenser


Cosmetic tissues dispenser

23l Basket

Paper basket with a « swing » top. Can be fixed on the wall.

35l Basket

Paper basket. Can be fixed on the wall.


Foam'n Wash Mini - Refill

Perfumed foam soap

Foam'n Wash - Refill

Perfumed foam soap or bactericidal foam soap

Sense'n Foam Mini - Refill

Perfumed foam soap and bactericidal foam

Sense'n Foam - Refill

Foam soap or bactericidal soap

AutoSoap - Refill

Bactericidal soap and instant disinfectant gel

Contract'o box - Refill

Creamy soap, 3 in 1 or bactericidal soap or Cream

SlimLine 400 - Refill

3 in 1 hypoallergenic soap or hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel

EcoDis - Refill

Eco-Soap - Soap in a 5L container

Klint V for SavonPack

Hypoallergenic and soft abrasive soap with plant based non-irritating scrubbers

Pull'n Dry - Refill

Hand towel roll

Tear'n Dry - Refill

Hand towel roll

Pull'n Roll - Refill

Hand towel roll, ultra soft, non-woven, white

SlimFold - Refill

Interfold hand towels

MulfiFold - Refill

Interfold hand towels

MiniFold - Refill

Interfold hand towels

TissueBox - Refill

Cosmetic tissues, white, extra soft and resistant