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    How can I benefit from the best prices, as I can’t buy large quantities because of a lack of storage space?
    A member of our commercial team will gladly show you our different formulas that can be customised according to your needs.

    Can I renovate my sanitary accessory equipment without having to invest massively?
    Yes, it is entirely possible. After a precise analysis of your current equipment and your different needs, we will offer you a solution tailored to your budget.


    I have the impression that fragrances used in places I visit are always the same and I am tired of them, even disgusted. What do you offer?
    At Hyprom, we work with well-known fragrance specialists. Together, we selected 25 different fragrances in order to satisfy the most demanding clients and the most delicate noses.


    I’m aware that using paper towels is the most hygienic way to dry my hands but is it ecological?
    At Hyprom, we choose all our products according to specific standards and the environment is at the heart of our preoccupations. That’s why the majority of our paper (and hygienic) hand towels are Ecolabel certified. For more information about Ecolabel, please visit www.ecolabel.eu